Saturday, 27 December 2014

Succulent obsession!

So i have a major (probably slightly unhealthy :/ ) obsession with succulents. I have about a million at home and they are all literally my babies!
I have a tray of them in their original pots outside, and then I take clippings and leaves and plant those in nice pots and take them to my room.
Just thought i'd share some succulent care tips i've picked up:

Watering: Succulents do not like much water, so it is best to water them around once a week. Depending on how large the plant is the amount of water needed will change. I have a succulent in a teacup and i give it about 3 teaspoons once a week.

Sun: In full sun is the best place for succulents. They are built for harsh environments so places that receive a lot of sunlight are the perfect place for them. Although when propagating leaves they are best not in direct sunlight.

Pot: Because of their aversion to heavy watering, it is necessary to have pots with good drainage. It is possible to plant succulents in places such as tea cups and bowls, but i will do a separate post on that soon!

Soil: You can buy special succulent/cactus potting soil from your local nursery, but i am extremely lazy so i just use normal potting soil which works just as well in my opinion. I desired you can add a small amount of sand to your soil to improve drainage but it is not mandatory.

Propagation: Growing succulents is super easy! Generally all it requires is leaving a leaf on top of soil until it grows another plant from the end! Although this can change depending on the plant I shall do a separate post soon on detailed succulent propagation.

Hope this was helpful!
Sarah xoxo

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