Sunday, 15 March 2015

How to plant a succulent in your favourite pot!

Got a bowl that you want to plant in it but it doesn't have any drainage and you don't want to drill holes? Well this is for you!

I said a while ago that I would do a post on planting succulents without drainage pots, so here it is. I call this my terrarium concept as it is the same drainage idea but just without closing them under a lid!

I hope this will be useful to you all because i know that i always want to plant things in pretty bowls and cups that have no drainage and i never want to put and ugly plate underneath it!

Step 1:
Get your bowl or cup or whatever you are using and place about an inch layer of pebbles at the bottom. The amount of pebbles depends on the size of the container. So you should use more if you have a bigger jar. (example in 3rd image)

Step 2: (not necessary but recommended)
Put about a centimeter layer of activated charcoal on top the pebbles. You can buy this for about $10 at Bunnings.

Step 3:
Fill the rest of the pot with soil, can be succulent potting soil but not necessary.

Step 4: 
Get all your succulents together and collect all your cuttings. I like to use a popsicle stick to poke holes for my plants.

Step 5:
Poke holes in the soil and stick the plants it. I keep a tray of extra soil next to me just to help fill in the holes.

So there you have it! A pretty succulent pot with self drainage! If you wanted some tips on succulent care check out my post Succulent Obsession!
Hope this was helpful :)

Sarah xoxo

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