Monday, 23 February 2015

Top 8 pinterest DIY's

I love a good DIY! Its just such a good feeling to say that you made it, it was all your hard work! 
I have a couple of pinterest boards of things that i will potentially create in the future when my timetable clears up a little....... 
These are my top favourites:

1. DIY leather tote
DIY Leather Tote

2.  DIY leather bucket bag
DIY: leather bucket bag

3. DIY 'lush style' bath bombs
I have a lot more recipes for bath bombs on my pinterest board check them out on the side > 
SUPER SUCCESS! We added glitter, colored sugar, "sprinkles" (like for cupcakes) and molded them in silicone muffin cups... they popped right out, fizzed like the ones from Lush and smelled fabulous. Love these! - @Christina González Underfoot . Make the Perfect Bath Bomb for your perfect sweetheart #DIY

4. DIY wine bottle candles
Learn how to make stylish handmade candles out of wine bottles and wooden wicks - That's right, another good reason to buy more wine the next time you're shopping! #candles

5. Copper magazine stand
Craft the coolest magazine rack out of copper pipe and printed fabric. #DIY

6. Wood photo transfer
Transfer your favorite photos onto wood.

7.  DIY leather bound journal

8. Bag/pencil case

Please comment and let me know what you think!!
Sarah xoxo

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