Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Found it & keeping it!

The other day i went to the Finders Keepers markets with a friend at the Australian Technology Park. I am so so devastated that these markets are only once a year!! I could literally find something i wanted from every single stall.
The markets are majority design and art markets with a couple of amazing healthy food stalls.
My only regret is not bringing more money to buy everything there!
Luka Candle: 
I bought this candle in the scent 'watermelon and mint' it is such a beautiful summer scent. It is quite sickly sweet so if that is not your thing i wouldn't recommend it. It makes my whole room spell amazing within only 10 minutes of burning it! I love the large wooden wick!! such good price for such a large candle, only $28
Macrame Hanger:
I'm really excited to make this hanger! I haven't decided whether i want to put soil and plants in, or water and flowers in yet.This was a bargain price! They were selling it for $25 when usually it is $40 in the store!

Absolutely love my buys :)
Cannot wait for next years markets!

Sarah xo

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