Friday, 19 December 2014

Magazine heaven

I absolutely love magazines, whether they are about gardening or fashion. I just love flipping through all the colourful pages and then clipping all the best pictures out when the magazines get old! My favourites would have to be Elle, Frankie, Yen & Russh.
I bought all these 4 recently and cannot wait till I go away to start reading them. I've been saving them for the past few days and have contended myself with quickly flipping through the pages every now again! 1 more week to go!!!!

Elle: The reason I love this mag is beacuse I find that everything they advertise is soo affordable and I don't have to read it and cry because it's all too expensive :) I couldn't help myself with this issue when I saw Emma on the cover! I lurvvvee her, she's amazing!!

Frankie: I've been reading Frankie for a while now and have always loved it. There's something so appealing about all the hippie style pictures and the handmade kind of feel to the magazine!

Yen: Yen is a recent addition to my collection, and what a great decision that was! I find Yen a bit more my speed as it is a little less quirky and out there than Frankie but still has that level of hippieness (is that even a word?) and individuality.

Russh: This is my first Russh that I have bought (although I have read at friends houses), definitly a good choice! I find this slightly more mainstream too than Yen. When I read it, it makes me feel really inspired! Inspired to do what? I don't know haha, but all the same it has a tumblr type feel to the mag. 

On a scale of indieness to more mainstream, in my opinion it's going to have to go Frankie, Yen, Russh and the Elle.

Anyone got any favourite magazines that inspire them?

Sarah xoxo

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