Monday, 26 January 2015

Lush haul & storage

Lush haul + a trip to Mecca
I looooove lush! It has to be one of my favourite stores, it just always smells like heaven and i want to buy all of their products. Plus i love the fact that they are all environmentally friendly and there is no animal testing going on!
Lush products:
Twilight bath-bomb: (pink one) I can see a little bit of blue peeking though when i look at this bathbomb so i'm really excited to see what happens to it in water.
Yuzu and Coco Bubbleroom bubble bar: (orange one) This. Smells. Like. Heaven. It's sweet, warming, comforting, coconutty, and chocolatey all at the same time! The lady in the store did a demonstration and the bubbles are soo silky and soft. I'm gonna save this one for a really stressful day.
Squeaky Green shampoo bar: (green one) I have used this before and loved it soo much that i had to buy it again! One of these bars lasted me an entire 11 weeks when my hair was super, super long! Now it is chopped short so it should last me even longer.

Flake away (Shea butter, sugar & peach seed body polish): I also stopped by at Mecca Cosmetica and bought this mini/travel version of the body sugar scrub because i have extremely sensitive skin and thought i should try it out before i buy the huge version! I have been looking for a sugar scrub for a while and when i realized they stocked Soap & Glory at Mecca i nearly had a heart attack!! I had to get one, so i bought this one for $5, and even though it is a mini it definitely still has enough for a good couple of uses.

I don't know about you guys but i have quite a few lush products and i think it looks really pretty in my room to store them in a big jar, and it smells so amazing when you take the lid off!!

Tip: Do not store your lush products in the bathroom as the humidity due to when you have a shower can have an affect on your bathbombs. Better to store them in a dry, cool area.

Does anyone else have any cool ways to store thier bath products?

Sarah xoxo

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