Thursday, 8 January 2015

Napoleon Haul

Napoleon Haul.......... plus some other random things.

Had a gift card for Napoleon so i used it to buy the lip gloss set reduced from $50 to $38 for 10 of them!!! And also some gorgeous lipsticks in the colours APHRODITE and HERA. The lady put the pink one HERA on me in the store and it glides on soo nicely and feels really moisturizing, plus the colour factor is spot on!

I also picked up this book by Sarah Wilson, it has some really nice recipes that are travel safe and super easy to make, i am not about to quit sugar by any means! But its nice to know that if i make something sweet from here i can eat it without feeling at all guilty!

As well as that i got some really cheap wahsi tape from Kmart, a one egg frying pan (for all those times that I don't cook an egg because i cant be bothered to use a whole big pan!), a $4 notebook also from Kmart, and my favourite (and the only one i use) coconut body wash that leaves me smelling delicious and with really soft skin!

Sarah xoxo

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